While this project was part of a larger Equestrian Facility Project, the design of the Viewing Pavilion is unique enough to classify it as its own category of architectural design.  The pavilion itself consists stepped viewing terraces that serve polo fields located on either side of the pavilion.  At the top of the pavilion, there is additional seating and a wet-bar for serving drinks and snacks.  Beneath the pavilion, accessed from either end at ground level, are the spectator's rest-rooms.

The most unique feature of the pavilion are the ten cantilevered retractable shades that provide shade for the spectators.  The layout and configuration was designed to provide optimal shading for the terraced seating while still providing obstructed views to the fields from anywhere in the pavilion . Even though unique in their design, the actually hardware for the shades are assembled from standard sailing rigging components - both cost effective and easily repaired if ever damaged.