Art and Media Production Studio

This project has a very unusual and unique program. The building is going to be designed around two separate functions, that while completely independent, do have some common characteristics. One side will house spaces to function as an art studio and the other side will function as media and film production spaces. The idea is […]

Roof-Top Turf Deck System

So, here’s a re-hash of an old post from CMB.  In 2012, I decided to come up with a walk out roof-top deck system that incorporated, not only roof-top-deck-pavers, but also incorporated synthetic turf.  The post of the project received more response, by far, than any other post.  So, I decided to post it again. […]

Cherokee Ranch Event Center

A fly-through of the conceptual plan for the new Cherokee Ranch Event Center. The primary goal for the building would be to function as a venue for cattle auctions, however, it will also be able to accommodate weddings and other events.

Barn Safety and Fire Prevention

As temperatures drop, and winter settles in, there are many potential safety and health risks that can present themselves around equestrian facilities. Doors and windows, that were open all summer are now closed, having an impact on indoor air quality. Heating sources that have been unused for several months, and collecting dust, are being turned […]

EntreArchitect Podcast #246

Last week, I had an opportunity to chat again with Mark LePage over at EnterArchitect.  This is my second time being part of Mark’s podcast (any podcast for that matter), and both times I’ve had a blast.  Thanks Mark for having me back!  This time we discussed what it’s been like being an owner/architect of […]

W. K. Busch Brewing Company – Conceptual Design

Check out the animation for the Conceptual Design and Layout for the W. K. Busch Brewery Company facility just outside of St. Louis, Missouri.  Located in the pastoral rolling hills of St. Charles County, the inspiration for the facility comes from traditional German barn design.  The architectural style and character of the facility blends into […]