Charles Marohn – Confession #1

Confession #1



I have been following Charles Marohn's Strong Towns movement (I think it's becoming a movement) for a while now.  As a Residential Architect, I understand it takes more than just good architecture to make good places.  It takes an array of elements that work together - to create places that are safe, that are sustainable, that function well, and are simply places that people want to be.  One of those components is the streets and simply how we are designing them - most of the time for vehicles and volume, but not really for people.  In his new upcoming book, Charles discusses the features and characteristics that make good streets, what the differences are between streets and roads, and even his coined term (that I hope catches on) "the stroad".

In anticipation of his new book, Charles is releasing a few of his "Confession Videos".  Here's his first: "Confession #1 - Engineers Prioritize Speed and Volume Over Safety & Cost".

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