3D HORSE STALL I’m constantly finding new ways to utilize the Shared Views feature in REVIT.  Check out the 3D model of my latest stall layout that I’ve been using to coordinate with suppliers and manufacturers.  By sharing the model with them, they can make comments and give feedback as we work together to perfectthe […]


POCKET STALL DOOR This design project was challenging on a number of levels.  I was asked to design a stall door for horse stall fronts that would have a stone wall look.  At first blush, no problem, right?  But the real trick was, at the client’s request, that they couldn’t be swinging.  They needed to […]

AutoDesk Shared Views

AUTODESK VIEW SHARE FEATURE A relatively new feature in REVIT is the Shared Views function.  It allows the sharing of 3D models and drawings with anyone, even if they don’t have REVIT.  And, not just a static image of the model, but a viewer that allows clients and collaborators for a project to navigate around […]